Lift And Slide Doors

Whispering Windoors offers a large range of Lift and slide doors for your home decor and interiors. Lift and Slide doors are popular choice for opening large expanses. Lift and slide are Manufactured with the highest engineering techniques, lift and slide doors offer smooth functioning than any other standard sliding system A system of lever and wheels lift the panel off the sill enabling the movement of large, heavy panels with very little efforts.These doors use thick profile section that enables us to use fewer panels in the sliding system. The use of fewer panels makes it roll smoothly and easy to use at home and offices.

Being big, these windows give you a panoramic view and make your room glowing and spacious. Therefore, many people use lift and slide doors as an extension of their living rooms.

Visit Whispering Windoors for exploring a range of lift and slide options for your homes and offices.

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